When life hands you bruised bananas…

Make a math lesson, with banana bread of course! 😉


As you may or may not know, we are a homeschooling fam around here. So I’m always up to the challenge and fun of finding hands on ways to teach the kids. And of course those things which will help apply and connect the concepts to life experiences, is such a plus in my eyes! I came across this great website as I was searching for easy banana bread recipes to incorporate in our math lesson today. It was super simple for the kids to do, which was good!


Lots of measuring!









can’t forget mixing…


I have a new appreciation for cracking an egg. After seeing the delight it brings my children, when they get the chance to crack one, I wonder to myself if I was the same way. Funny how we forget those little joys as we get older LOL.



AHHHHH…. you beautiful bruised banana you… so begging to be transformed into something more pleasing to the eye, and satisfying to the palette…




A little stirring,


A lot of learning, and a pinch of love later, we have our bread!!!

Don’t mind my silly picture, I was trying out fish eye 😉


What a great lesson in patience too as they had to wait a painstakingly 65 minutes long for it to bake, but it was well worth the wait! Here’s to tasty learning!!


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