Apple days are upon us!!

Well Fall is knocking on our door already, which is exciting in so many ways!! The seasons are shifting, colors are changing, the leaves are descending and of course apples are in all their ripening glory (‘A touch of fall is in the air’ as my dad always puts it)…and we happen to be an apple loving family around here. Particularly Grant, who is the youngest, has had an apple in his hands since before he turned one! We’ve humored quite a number of people when they saw someone Grant’s size going to town on an entire apple, like it was nothing! Anyway it’s practically a given that we would study apples at this point in our school year . So I thought I’d share our fun experimenting with apples!


Dissecting an apple, incorporating division (it’s never too early for that!) We discussed the parts of an apple and similarities and differences between the varieties.


They did taste testing of course and charted their personal favorites, to least favorite!


We also counted all the seeds from each apple and graphed out which apple had the most seeds…Golden Delicious won!!


Grant had to partake in the festivities!!


Nothing to end an apple lesson, like an apple and cheddar sandwich. There has to be a first time for trying everything right?! The kids actually enjoyed this unique sandwich!

This lesson was a follow-up to our reading that we’ve done this month, which has been a variety of apple themed books from the library (Apples by:Gail Gibbons, Apples: Wonder Books, level 1, Golden Delicious, A Cinderella Apple Story to name a few). We will also be doing a field trip to the apple orchards, which they are super excited for! So happy apple picking season to everyone!! 😉

2 thoughts on “Apple days are upon us!!

    • Yes we loved doing this one! I have to admit that several fellow homeschool mama’s did this theme last year so I couldn’t wait to incorporate it this year! I saw your’s too and I love how you did the cider and applesauce with it! I just saw the pie and the artwork too, that’s a great idea. I remember doing apple paintings in school which would be fun for them. It’s great to find inspiration from other fellow homeschooler’s to bounce idea’s off of! 🙂

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