First post of the New Year… Happy 2012!! 🙂

So I raise my glass (of water since that is what I have at the moment) to all that is to come in this next year. Every start of a year feels so promising and fresh. A road never traveled, with its endless possibility. A lake water so still and waiting for a first morning touch and ripple.


For me, I’d like to take complete ownership of the coming year. It’s not about what ‘might’ be awaiting me, it’s about what I am going to make of another year. Life doesn’t just say, “here I am, there you are, now go about your business.” Life is about actions, which I am big on right now. If you aren’t willing to take the action then it just doesn’t happen. It’s applicable in every aspect of life whether its work, relationships, personal goals and even parenting. You need to take action and own the responsibility of what it is you take on or are facing. I aim to take action in life rather than be a reaction of it. I know its not easy, but it starts with a thought and the right attitude!

So tonight, as I rang in the new year in my ever so stylish purple leopard flannels, glass of water in hand as I’m still replenishing from a 16 mile run this morning….huddled over a canvas I’m working on for project, while watching The Song of Bernadette and snacking on a bowl of cheerios (major multitasking going on)… I enjoyed what is. It was a new years doing what I enjoy. No ball drop or horrible hangover to look forward to in the AM for this lady. This celebration was a unique one for me. Simple.


Well boring festivities aside, I am very much anticipating the year to come. I’m excited for the untraveled road ahead, and the new memories we will be blessed to make. These three blessings right here are my
biggest motivation, they make every year worth having no matter what becomes of it! So cheers to all and may the year be very prosperous and fulfilling!!


2012 here we go!! 🙂

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