Hey Boy. Stop it with your charm and let me focus on my day…

Thank you to my sister for sharing this on Pinterest, I’ve now discovered a treasure trove of  Ryan Gosling homeschool memes. Check out this site for its dedication to the whole concept.

 I was seriously laughing out loud to some of these because of how amazingly true they are not just from a homeschool frame of mind, but also just getting a little lost in the idea of Ryan Gosling expressing it.

So my confession is I wouldn’t mind a “Ryan” to discuss curriculum thoughts with or joining us on a field trip.  Apparently he  homeschooled for a period of time during his youth. He was having trouble in school, so his mom decided to homeschool him instead. He says it gave him “a sense of autonomy that I’ve never really lost.”  Sweet.

Ok so maybe homeschooling for a year doesn’t exactly qualify him as the expert on math manipulatives, and unit studies, but it sure makes for a good laugh…and a little welcomed distraction in my day haha.

Alright just a couple more of my fav’s… if you can handle it lol.

Okay now kids, let’s get back to work...  🙂


3 thoughts on “Hey Boy. Stop it with your charm and let me focus on my day…

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