About this Tethered Butterfly…

Much like a simple and sort of random collection of items, that I planned on transferring to an organized container, only to have it overflow as I attempted to shut the lid…(an epiphany I had during a recent move) figuratively speaking that helps explain why I decided to come join the blogging world. I have an overflow of ideas, thoughts, experiences and a growing desire to share them, not contain them. At last I have found my outlet! I’d like to present myself as an assorted collection: I’m various in nature, I don’t like to fit between the lines of what’s “expected,” as a mother or as a person in general; taking a chance is always more appealing to me than sticking with what I know because I have faith; I do know that the roads “less traveled” can lead you to beautiful things but are not promised to be easy; mother of three, teacher, believer, runner, crafter, do-it-yourselfer, make-up artist; I dance to my own beat and this is the dance of my life! Welcome and thank you for stopping by! 🙂


4 thoughts on “About this Tethered Butterfly…

  1. Marisa – You created such a beautiful outlet to express yourself. I didn’t realize how creative you are! I look forward following your journey and hopefully, be part of it too! Love – Joan

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