A+ Open House

Ella had the pleasure of taking part in her first “Open House” this evening at the A+ Tutoring and Homeschool Academy where she takes classes at.

Some of Ella's work on display

She began classes during the second half of the school year taking Science, History and a writer’s workshop. I decided it would be a beneficial supplement to what we are doing at home and it gives her a chance to work among other kids for a couple of hours in the week.

There were also opportunities to attend field trips during the course of the classes, which is always great. The Academy itself offers a variety of supplemental classes, tutoring, test prep and clubs that homeschoolers and other students as well may take part in. Ella is very eager to join the American Girl book club this fall (it’s recommended for second grade and up). Gavin is also anticipating the Lego class that they offer.

Gavin also wants to learn to play Chess!! During the open house tonight, his friend and him were very intrigued with the game trying to learn it together. I’m thinking that is something we might venture into in the future!

Future Chess players!!

It was a very nice way to see all the hard work that these students put into their learning. The writing class has been most challenging for Ella this year, but it was a good one. It has really helped her writing skills blossom which is wonderful to see. Especially that they were able to cover many topics and writing styles at such a young age too.

Needless to say I was proud to see Ella’s work from a different view tonight, and she was rightfully proud to show it! Overall I am happy that we decided to add these classes into our homeschooling repertoire. 🙂