A don’t mess with my tutu-Rationale…Part 3: THE DEDICATION :)


**If you can even handle a “Part 3” to my rationale’s please continue reading & Thank you for bearing with this highly therapeutic pre-race jargon!!

***If I lost you at “Motivation” ¬†I promise I’ll keep this short and SWEET!!

No marathon for me would be complete without some sort of spunk. Some sort of tutu-ish pizzaz. Yeah that’s right.


Love the tutu.

Tee-hee ūüôā I just couldn’t resist!!

So maybe it reeks a little¬†of “Look at me over here in my tutu…” But isn’t that why we wear these things anyway?! And run in costumes in general for that matter, is for a bit of that attention?

I really just wanted to add a lot little glory to my moment I guess. Wearing a tutu seemed a good way to go about that. When is there ever a better opportunity to wear one right?!

Let me not just run 26.2 miles…let me run it in a tutu.¬†

I figure the minute I have any lazy inclination to lose focus on my form and happen to look down, I will be met by my amazing pink fluff saying “keep your chin up lady… you are almost there!”

Maybe it will even add a little more GRACE IN MY PACE. Just sayin.

I have considered the fact that it might begin to bother me at some point, but I’d rather deal with it when it comes. If this is the only marathon I ever do, I want to make the most of the entire experience. For me that meant adding an element of my personality and excitement to it. Give it that extra bit of special!!¬†After all, crossing that finish line will be my welcoming moment to a new era in my life in many ways. I want to celebrate every mile. I want to high-five those little kids out there supporting, I want to see this along the way too…

Thank you very much!!

Can you feel the excitement in the air people?! I am 3 days out now from this experience and I hope my energy is already jumping out of the screen you are looking at.


This whole process has consumed so much of me over the past half-year, that I am more than anxious to finally be there in that crowd…

I’m sure the kids can’t wait to have mommy off a strict running schedule too. But these little faces are gonna be in my spirit the entire way..

Spirit and inspiration in these smiles make every one of my miles worth running ‚̧

“20,000 runner’s, 40,000 reason’s why…when the gun goes off only your reason matters! There is no FOCUS without¬†U¬†in the right mindset.” ~Dad

My reasons….

3 kids

2 run one for my Dad

1 marathon for turning 30 in T MINUS 20 DAYS!!

This race is DEDICATED to 3 reasons for 1 moment. I love it!

The finish line is bekonning…rain or rain as it appears…I will see that finish line.

Oh yeah and don’t mess with the TUTU!!