Now she’s gone and done it…

“Very early, I knew that the only object in life was to grow.” ~Margaret Fuller

She went and turned seven!

This sweet little toothless-wonder is growing up TOO fast!! There are days when

I think back to my baby girl, the first ‘Little sunshine, who makes me happy when skies are grey…’

I miss that little face!

Every year I ask myself the same queston..”where does the time go?”

and every year I get the same answer.


Ella’s birthday’s through the years.

Time goes, you say?  Ah no!
Alas, Time stays, we go.
~Henry Austin Dobson

Interesting. Now is it time moving through us, or us moving through time? Whatever the answer, moving forward through these years, there hasn’t been another like our “Boogie Bear.” She brought so much love into this world, seven years ago today. As hard as it is to see how much she has changed and grown up already in just a short span of time, I am so proud of her growth! She is the sparkle to everyday….questioning, reasoning and thinking her way to the ends and outs of life already. I feel so lucky as her mama to guide her through life while I can. I just know this little girl has big dreams counting on each of these candles today!


A Mother’s Day Tribute

For all the beautiful Mother’s out there:

God could not be in every place

With loving hands to help erase

The tear drops from each baby’s face,

And so He thought of mother.

He could not send us here alone

And leave us to a fate unknown;

Without providing for His own,

The outstretched arms of mother.

God could not watch us night and day

And kneel beside our crib to pray,

Or kiss our little aches away;

And so He sent us mother.

And when our childhood days began,

He simply could not take command.

That’s why He placed our tiny hand

Securely into mother’s.

The days of youth slipped quickly by,

Life’s sun rose higher in the sky.

Full grown were we, yet ever nigh

To love us still, was mother.

And when life’s span of years shall end,

I know that God will gladly send,

To welcome home her child again,

That ever-faithful mother.

~George W. Wiseman

For my mom… The most beautiful inside and out. She never falls short of giving so much love of herself as a mom, and now as a grandma (Mamu) as well.

Mom and Ella

And my little ones… They are such a gift, I’d probably be lost without them because so much about the person I am today has been from living and learning through them. I love them more than words can say.


The Roly-Poly pet!

It all started today as we were out attending a “park day” with some of our homeschool friends. Adventure was in the air between all the kids running around the playground, playing in sand, swinging or sliding, and paling together in some imaginative play in the distance. They love the interaction, and I love to get some time to connect with the mom’s!

At one point, the kids happened upon one HUGE roly-poly and were all very fascinated by it. They were taking turns holding it and inspecting it of course. Somehow, it was later given to Ella to “have” and before I knew it she was begging for me to let her take it home and take care of it. After I tried to convince her that the lil bug would be better off in its own habitat, rather than with us, I gave into the pleading as well as all the other girls encouraging this wonder of a pet. Her friends were very helpful in telling Ella how she should take care of it and what to feed it.

So Ella, beyond excited, got to take her new pet home but not without a bit of drama though…

While stopped at the gas station, she decided to take it out of the container we had for it, and hold it. Then she accidentally dropped it down the side of her seat in the back, deep into the abyss of cracker, crumb, crayon, and who knows what else is down there. Well maybe it wasn’t that bad, but after calming the cry’s of a new poly owner, I had little hope of actually finding it. I could only assure her that we would try our best to find “Sarafina” when we got home.

She was happy with that answer, but I could see her disappointed face in my rear view the entire way. I was praying we would luck out.

The first thing she did when we got home was hop out and make a wish on a dandelion, that her poly would be alive and found.

After tearing my car apart and finally dismantling car seats, to fold down the bench seat in the back, lo and behold there was Sarafina in a little crevice under the bench, upside down  and scrambling none the less.

YESSS!!! Thank you lord for not letting her first roly-poly pet experience end before it had a chance to start!

Ella was thrilled she FINALLY had a dandelion wish come true too 😉

Meet Miss Sarafina!

A hiding spot for the little friend

After house hunting, and decorating subsided for this lucky little isopod’s new home, we just had to learn what she needs to eat!

The roly-poly food groups...not much variety

Now Sarafina is well equipped in her new abode. Lots to do and see for a bug right? Ella already thinks she likes to play hide-and-seek, because every time we peeked in Sarafina was hiding under something. It’s cute to see a little imagination with this probably short adventure….

Oh the life of a bug must be rough...

Ella’s friends made her fully aware  today that poly’s don’t often survive the night. We are prepared for a burial service by tomorrow, but that’s okay! Ella understands it’s just part of a bug’s life. Sarafina lived a very complete life of a bug, after the adventures she had today anyway!

Ella told me that she really wanted to do this to prove to me that she could be responsible enough to get a tea-cup chihuahua like her Aunt. She wants one VERY bad and believes that by feeding the poly and cleaning poly poop if there turns out to be such thing, than she would be able to handle a dog.

I couldn’t love this rationalizing anymore than I do, because it’s so hilariously cute and I love that she means well!

I told her I can’t promise the dog, but I know this does show how responsible she is. She has been guarding the box with her life the rest of the afternoon.

responsibility over the tiniest life

Hopefully little Sarafina at least makes it through one night but we will see.

I’m actually excited because this new pet tied in well with our recent studying of the amazing skeleton and the exoskeleton. I love it when teaching moments tie in so naturally to what life has to offer us each day!

I’m happy Ella wound up with this roly-poly to take care of for a bit. It’s a sweet reminder of the gentle care we can show to any living thing, big or small. 🙂

February “hello’s” and “goodbye’s…” <3

“The story of life is quicker than the blink of an eye, the story of love is hello, goodbye.” ~Jimi Hendrix

I’m such a quote nut, it’s kind of silly but it really helps out in the inspiration department for me. The quote above in particular hit me at the right time. About this time of the year, I get to thinking a lot about how quickly LIFE does go by. February is often a month that yields reminders for my family and I about the lives that we’ve loved and lost. For a period of time, this month seemed surrounded by a steady mixture of emotions… a lot of “hello’s” and “goodbye’s” so to say.

It began with the sudden passing of my dad’s father on February 19, 2001 and was too soon followed by my mom’s mother losing her battle with cancer on February 16, 2003. Both of them lived what we remember as long and full lives, however it still seemed too soon at the time as they were just in their early 70’s. Ironically, the day that my grandmother passed away was also my youngest sister Brianna’s birthday. As unexpected and coincidental that it was, the passing of two of my grandparents within two years, all the while surrounding my sister’s birthday was something almost surreal when I look back on it. It was an intense time of emotions, that I just can’t put into words.  We had to make it even more of a point not to let the deaths in the family overshadow the life that was still living and growing, especially with something like a birthday . The grieving process is incredibly hard and unique to everyone and it has the opportunity to consume us for a time. I can imagine that the time period for me was nothing compared to what my parent’s must have gone through, or my sister for that matter.

As time truly does heal, that missing piece of our hearts that felt as though it would never be filled again, did somehow become whole once more. Life went on and the memory of our grandparents continues to live on strong thanks to the memories and stories that they have left behind. I still wish some times for a moment again to tell them that I love them. To have a chance again and really listen with all my heart to the amazing stories that my Tata (dad’s dad) loved to share about his life. Or to cherish again the laughter of my grandma’s. It was so contagious and so a part of her essence. Though bringing back that time in this life is not possible, the love for them continues to live in my heart.

My Tata and I camping when I was younger

My Grandma and one of my aunts playing with me as a baby

Love can live on through many ways; through the memories, through pictures, and especially through the LIVING. My sister Brianna just celebrated her 24th birthday. Brianna is very much a living part of this month. She is a vibrant and talented soul (an incredibly gifted pianist). She is a very strong young woman and recently has been through some enormous test’s to her character and strength. It is all part of her journey of life and that is what’s important. As an older sister I feel so proud to continue to witness growth in her. Although we aren’t the little kids that we once were, it doesn’t mean I stop watching out for her. I always want the best for both of my sister’s. We’ve all had our fair share of growing and learning to do and continue to. Whether the experiences are difficult or not, it’s what makes us and our stories. The three of us all have taken our own unique paths, but are still here for each other through it all. Thankfully our parents set us up with a very solid foundation of support too I might add. I wanted to share and acknowledge the special person Brianna is, especially for her birthday that just passed but also just to let her know again how happy I am for the huge steps she has taken, and the courage she’s shown. I admire her for it more than she probably realizes! These are the things I never want to regret that I didn’t say. I love her so much!

Brianna and I

Life definitely goes quicker than a blink it seems and often we wait until it’s too late to express our feelings to those we care about. Opportunities are here now while we are here to live it, while we have the arms to hug, the eyes to admire, the ears to listen and the words to speak of how important our loved one’s are to us now in this very moment. I hope to always try my hardest to show love and appreciation for the people who mean so much to me before it is too late. To take up the moments while I have them. Loving and celebrating life of the living seems as important as celebrating the memory of life once it leaves us. I guess it’s about sharing more “hello’s” before it is “goodbye.”

Happy fourth of July, it’s January…

You are wondering why I might blog about July 4th in the dead of January.

Just looking at happy faces and moment’s not forgotten.

It’s these happy faces. Setting excitement to green grass on a warm summer day. Spending time with our family that we love!








This is the best part about looking back on photos…it’s that moment in time, captured forever. It re-ignites those wonderful memories made and experiences shared. A photo can speak.

These photos spoke to me again about the happy fourth we all had last year. Though it was surrounded with some changes that were about to take place. Between it being the last celebration we would have there at my sister’s house before her family would move to San Diego, and knowing a move was beckoning us as well, that did not stop us from enjoying life in that very moment, and cherishing the fact that we have each other! (Unfortunate thing was that my youngest sister couldn’t make it that day)




Some great memories I felt inclined to share! I LOVE this family of mine so much!

Now I’m about ready for July already…no offense to January. 🙂 Makes me super thankful for this sunny state when we get summer ‘like’ days in the winter though!