For the love of the game…among other things

The wait...

Gavin, my oldest son (5) recently ended his second T-ball season playing for the “Pirates” this past month. We have been so fortunate to have the opportunity to put him in a pee wee sports program through the city. This has given him the chance to try his hand at a variety of sports, within a few years time. Having an option through the city is a great way to get kids out to burn that energy and start to understand what it is to be a part of a team, before committing to any long-term leagues. They can begin to learn the concept of a game and getting along with fellow teammates as well as other teams that they play.

Good Game!!

Gavin has been a sports fanatic since the day he was born practically…always going for any ball in sight.

Baby Gavin with a football

Ball Boy!!

He would turn anything into a sport! His skill and coordination have been clear for sometime now and we pretty much couldn’t wait for the day that he could try his first sport. The exciting day came just about when he turned three (sounds young I know…) and pee wee flag football was offered for his age. Boy was that the cutest thing ever!! The kids hardly knew what they were up to other than “hike” and “run!!” It was just a joy though to see these little kids trying to do their best and make the mommies and daddies proud. It’s a safe and fun environment, the parents aren’t too crazy yet (I know that day comes) and the kids are still innocently uncompetitive (which will also change someday I’m sure!) No team really wins yet, it’s just about learning the sport and playing the game for pure fun.

Flag Football

Gavin in action at soccer!

First T-Ball team the "Rockies!"

Gavin has been a natural like I said from the beginning. He always wowed the older kids in our neighborhood with his basketball skills. He was out on the driving range with dad before age 3, and hitting the ball straight none the less.

Golfing at age 2

I have always been a proud momma of course and although I’m not an expert in the sport department, it is obvious that he has a special talent. He has fun while he is out there on the field which is the most important thing of all!

2nd Flag football season awards with the Bangels!

I look forward to watching him grow as an athlete if that is what he wants to do in the future. I definitely hope that these early experiences in the world of sports will instill a lasting appreciation and love of what the games are truly about. For him to be able to learn the good qualities of being a team player and have fun while doing it is all we could really ask for at this point.

Loving it!

All for one!

 Whichever sport he eventually finds his niche in, I hope that he will always carry with him the same joy that he does today at this young age!