Monday Morning Movement!!

“When you arise in the morning think of what a privilege it is to be alive, to think, to enjoy, to love….” ~ Marcus Aurelius

Ever since completing my marathon I’ve been so lacking my usual drive for exercise…. Crazy!! Maybe its a post-marathon-pardom. Who knows. Anyway my cure is always to get out with the kids, so we have done a lot of that lately! Thanks to an awesome blog I’ve followed cultfit, I felt a little saved this morning and recently! If you have a chance, check them out! Especially those of you with kids! They’ve got lots of great workouts to offer, many which encourage being outside with the kids while doing it. And plenty of great humor and reading to go along with it!

I had an awesomely challenging (can I say that in the same sentence haha?) workout this morning. Simple enough to do without going to the gym, but meeting the exercise demands my body has craved! I love watching the kids try little push-ups. It’s the cutest!! I had a great sweat before setting out for a light 2 mile run with the kids on bikes/strollers….


Yeah it’s a total win-win… Ella easily meets P.E. requirements, while mom gets in a workout!! Love that!

imagesmelling the roses!

Plus we stopped to enjoy the blooming flowers on the way and even spotted a California Blue bird on the trail! The kids liked that. We often have a fair share of nature greetings while we are out!

Nothing beats racing down hill literally at a sprint pace during the last half of a mile. I’m trying to catch Ella and Gav as they speed on down, carried by the momentum of their bikes. It’s so much FUN!! Which really makes incorporating fitness not optional for us… It’s just a way of life!! Thank goodness for inspiration these days.

Happy Monday! :))