The writing on the wall…

A story behind the name…

It all began as a space, namely a loft, and that space soon needed a wall. With the wall it then became a room for which new life would be welcomed to in a short nine months.  The nine months became a waiting game, infused with anticipation over what we were having, and the wall waited patiently, silently white… yet beyond that beautiful day in May, as we were blessed to bring a daughter into this world, the wall remained a needy blank canvas in the room, which was now vital and full of the little life named Ella.

Around 6 months here is Ella; big beautiful baby blues and a smile to light up the room!

Sometime after the duration of long nights, lullaby’s, sweet giggles and silly stories, her growing personality gave direction for the day that the wall would soon find its face. Inspiration came in the name of “CLEARANCE”… this butterfly bedding screamed at me with its vibrant colors, textured patterns of flowers and LOTS of butterflies which are one of Ella’s favorite things! Much brainstorming, sketching and a few paint chips later, I was ready to try my hand at painting a mural. I also discovered this quote and decided that it needed to be used in my work:

The butterfly is a flying flower,
The flower a tethered butterfly.
~Ponce Denis Écouchard Lebrun

A recent photo of her next to her special wall...

The wall was now completely in harmony with the young, spunky personality it joined forces with on that lovely day in May.  But as the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end,” and the time has come to say goodbye for a short while to the face of that wall.  Thankfully a good friend of mine had some great words of advice for me, as I came to admit an emotional attachment to the work I put into it (sounds crazy I know…it’s a wall). She said I should use this experience as a stepping stone toward something new and reminded me that I can always be re-inspired at some point down the road. This was not goodbye, but a welcome to good growth and change. We will be back to that wall in due time and I am confident it will be ready for a face lift.

For now, the writing is on the wall ♥