A shout out to the Shout House!!

“If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good.” 
― Dr. Seuss

I know it’s been forever, I talked and ranted enough about turning 30… I still am in my sleep I think. But regardless of that, the official celebration was one of the best nights of my life!!! I gave a brief preview of the theme presented to me a few weeks earlier here. I figured I would get a little post up about the festivities and the awesome job that my sister did putting it all together. I will admit, I had an inclination that the party was at a piano bar, but I had no idea which one or where. I’ve only been to one other in my life and it doesn’t even compare to this dueling piano bar known as The Shout House!!! in San Diego.

WOW what a great time we had!! The thing is that these big milestone birthday’s don’t come around often, making it just the perfect opportunity to do something grand when it does…celebrate this life, throw a party, take an amazing trip, climb a mountain… or take a limo to this fantastic piano bar and be thrown up on the piano and serenaded with humiliating/raunchy lyrics as a room full of mostly unfamiliar faces stares at you , and laughs, enjoying it all…. and  you of course will enjoy being in the spotlight because it’s your birthday and you are not too proud to face this crowd with a smile on your face and fully take in every moment…raunchy or not. ONE NIGHT to celebrate you. Just do it, and love it!! I will add that a night away from kids, in the ‘adult’ atmosphere was fully enjoyed… 😉

Here are some photos of the festivities:

My family had the pre-party at the hotel we stayed at… I was very excited to celebrate with my parents, my sister’s and their hubby and boyfriend, as well as my cousin and two of my best friends since high-school. Being that it was the people who I cherish the most in my life, aside from my kids, I’d call it the perfect crowd…

I have to say that my sister thought of it all for this party. Everything from the cute cupcakes, to the matching goody bags and nail designs for us to wear and of  course this sash she surprised me with… I don’t even think I had one of these things at my bachelorette party back in the day, so I was quite enamored with this one! 🙂

Okay, now dare I talk about a limo ride?! Well there just aren’t enough good things to say about those really. They just speak for themselves. When I set foot in a limo…all mommy/homeschool/seriousness of my world kind of gets left at the door. It’s just the entire thing… popping a bottle of champagne, toasting, music, and pure safe fun all in the dark confines of a car. It’s rare but so worth the experience!!

Here are my Dad and Mom. I just love that they don’t turn down a chance to celebrate like this with their daughter’s. They are still so young at heart and still know how to enjoy themselves of course!  My dad actually had his own moment that night as well. Being a long time drummer, who still has it, he will take any opportunity to ‘sit-in’ if the chance arrises. He is so funny about it too, any place near music you can catch him scoping out for a drum set as if he’s sending the vibes out that he wants to play. Anyway he got to sit in that night! He was awesome up there… they did “Johnny be good.” I won’t forget that moment, like the memories I have locked away of watching Dad play as a little girl.

This place is seriously a blast!! The crowds of people streaming in never seemed to let up. It’s in a very popular area of San Diego for all that nightlife stuff so I’m not surprised. If you are ever in the area, you should stop in for a visit!! They have other locations in Arizona and Minnesota too!!

Just beware of the celebration trap!!! That is, the trap of the pianist’s knowing, or someone in your party revealing that you are celebrating something when you go there. Otherwise be ready to get brought on stage as a piano prop while they riddle away at you and get the crowd SHOUTING things with the song that I won’t repeat on my blog haha… It’s all in fun, embarrassing but I didn’t know anyone besides my party so I really just played along with it while I could! (Notice Spongebob in the back…LOVE that haha)

So the night, and 30th celebration was everything I could have hoped for. I am so grateful to my family as always for being there to do these things and for planning such a special night for me. It was really like nothing I have ever done or experienced and I am so glad to have experienced it with them. I loved every minute and highly recommend The Shout House to anyone looking to fully celebrate something special, in the most unique way!

If the shoe fits…

“If toast always lands butter-side down, and cats always land on their feet, what happens if you strap toast on the back of a cat and drop it?” ~Steven Wright

hmm...does anyone know for sure?

Well I thought I’d start this Monday off with a bit of humor and add some extra “randomness” to this post because it’s about to get very random around here lol…

On CATS: Love them. No I would never strap toast to my cats, but this certainly makes me ponder the idea.

On SHOES: Well lets just say there isn’t a question about strapping on a good pair of shoes, it just makes things better.

A good running shoe makes a good run GREAT….A fun pair of rain boots makes a rainy day BRIGHTER…And a cute pair of heels makes an outfit or a mood MUCH better!!

So yeah, shoes can make or break a lot of troubles right?! I normally give into the need for a good pair of running shoes or “comfort/practical” shoes over recent years as opposed to the latest “trend.” It just isn’t a priority or really a necessity to have the super cute heels anymore while I’m toting around 3 kids on a daily basis of course. As much as I drool over cute styles I just don’t give in often.

Let’s PAUSE now for a topic change….

My other bit of random that does relate to this post (I promise) is what I call my “other” work. About 5 or 6 days out of the month through about 8 months of the year I actually do something that doesn’t involve mommying/cleaning/homeschooling/folding/cooking/organizing/sewing/running or any of the other duties I have throughout my days and weeks. I don’t even like to refer to it as a job because it is so sporadic of work that it hardly feels like a job. Plus I actually enjoy doing it so it tends to feel like another hobby of mine!

Anyway I’ve been a make-up artist for a company called Bobbi Brown for 8 years now.


I’m a freelance artist so I get called in with fellow artists to do events in the stores that carry our brand. I’m very passionate about our line. (Bobbi Brown is a woman, not the singer if you’re wondering lol) Plus I get to meet and work with so many amazing women, addressing skin care and beauty needs. The face as a canvas is a lot of fun to work with I have to say! This work I do is flexible to my full-time mommying job, but it’s nice that a few times a month I get to actually dress myself up and put on the shoes of “artist” for the day.

Here was a fun event we did during our PRETTY POWERFUL campaign 🙂

By now you are wondering where I am going with this RANDOM talk and how it ties in…

Well over the course of my work with Bobbi I have developed some awesome friendships along the way.  I feel privileged to actually consider the women I work with friends. We all care about each other and have a blast when we get to work together. So while we worked this weekend, a couple of us were eyeballing the shoe department during some down time. While I’d seen an amazing assortment of trendy shoes, I did fall in love with a certain pair. Of course I was in no way about to buy them.

Knowing that I would never invest in these shoes myself, my sweet co-workers surprised me and all pitched in to get me the pair of shoes for my birthday coming up. It was prob the sweetest thing that has happened to me in a long time. They presented it during the shift and were all sneaky about finding out my size. It was the best surprise EVER!!

I have to share these 🙂

A pair of Jessica Simpson’s never fall short of cute 😉

I felt so special that day and I very much appreciated that they would do something like that for me. I can now be sporting a new pair of shoes when I ring in the big 3-0 in T-minus 6 days here!

Happy Day 🙂

I am very thankful to have a great support of friends in several areas of my life including this one. A BIG Thank you to these ladies!! (This is a couple of us)

Some of the Bobbi girls...

Do you see what I mean with this randomness here?

Buttered-toast+CATS+shoes+job+BIRTHDAY= A sweet surprise and a good MONDAY post haha