I’ll be stripping…. acceptably :)

I’m in!!

Officially signed up for the Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon series…Vegas style!


Where you can “strip” down on the strip

Through sweat and heart beats

In sync with the feet on the street,

As the runners go with the flow of traction

Steadfast training in action

Lit up inside and most bright on the outside

Lights flashing along this ride

Either twenty-six point.two or thirteen point.one

To run without sun.

~TB (MY non-expert poetry skills in action there)

Tee hee– so I’m inspired AGAIN!! And quite excited for this run in all it’s glory. I’ll be doing the half along with both of my parents and my sis and her hubby.. Yeah, it’s a family affair! I think the coolest thing is that it’s a run at night and can anyone guess why?! Maybe just a few fancy flashing lights, but I could be wrong. 😉 Well here is to the up coming training ventures that I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Anyone else in for this?!

Bowling fun for little ones!

Last September when I decided to give Ella and Gavin the opportunity to join a Homeschool bowling league, I admit I was a little unsure about it. When we showed up the first day they were the youngest kids in the group which was definitely a little intimidating. Up until that point, they had most of their experiences with bowling by little more than a remote and our favorite Wii sports game, in the comfort of their own home none the less. They’d never bowled without bumpers, which is obviously a saving grace to kids when they want to feel successful at this sport! In a league however, it is about learning all aspects of the game; good form, picking a ball, lane etiquette, rules and scoring, skill development and of course zero dependency on lane bumpers! I realized that this would be a good challenge for them both.  Knowing that they’d have great support and guidance throughout the way, I was confident with the decision for them to join!

Ella getting tips from Mr. Bill their "coach"

Gavin's ready for his turn!

The session last season turned out great! They had loads of fun and made so many new friends. It was a really good challenge for them through out it because it definitely didn’t come easy. They were too little to really get the proper form down, so it was a lot of “double-handed” bowling, but they tried their best.

Silly poses 🙂

Towards the end of 3 games, you can see their energy levels kind of dragging. That didn’t stop them from wanting to come back though each week. Fortunately I was even able to meet up with some fellow homeschooling mama’s, which is always a blessing.

At the end of last years session, they each received a certificate of completion and celebrated with a party and “fun bowl.”

New accomplishments!

After the first of the year, Ella and Gavin decided that bowling was something they wanted to do again. so we went ahead and signed up for this current session we are in now.

The league was also opened up to the parents this time around, so guess who signed up?!!

Yes mama did 🙂

Team Slowpokes 🙂

El and Gav were super excited to have me play. This time however, they each wanted to branch away and play on different teams. They played with each other on a team last session. Now Gavin plays on a team with a couple of his buddies, they are TEAM GNS. Ella and I play with one of her girlfriends and we are The Slowpokes… I don’t think I need to explain that one lol 😉

Watching the ball

Fellow bowlers give Gavin a cheer!

Having this experience for them has truly been an exciting one. It’s something fun to look forward to that they can do together each week. They know every Tuesday is the big day, so sometimes Monday is warm-up day on the Wii haha. We get extra sleep the night before and I get to insist on a good breakfast so they keep up on energy. 🙂 On occasions I like to treat them to a lunch date with friends, following a morning of bowling.

Ella and Grant listen to Mr. Bill's morning tips!

Even Grant has had his share of fun. I would probably call him the league mascot because he gets doted on by all the kids and is always there to cheer sister, brother or friends on. Also offering the occasional high-fives!

I make sure to equip him with plenty of things to do!

Grant armed and loaded with a bag of goods.. and that smile 🙂

You might catch him doing important business on his laptop…

Special business going on!!

Or even sneaking a turn by assisting on the lane…

Sister gives him a chance to bowl

The interaction with other kids has been a great benefit to all three of them. They are gaining ability to relate with various ages and personalities. The patience with the game and focus, as well as strength that it takes to get the bowling balls down that lane is commendable. They have both improved so much and are doing really well!

On the other hand, Mommy still has a long way to go with her bowling talent, or lack there of. But I’m having fun with my little loves, so that’s all that matters to me!

Coveting a medal… oh and about that race.

February 5, 2012


Have you ever wanted something SO bad, you just won’t stop until you have it? You dream about it until it’s your reality?

This little medal did that to me 🙂

“Another day, another run” is what I kept telling myself during the drive to Huntington Beach, as my dad and I embarked on our 3rd half marathon together. I still get giddy and anxious for these things even if it is a 4th half marathon under my belt. The real excitement is because this is actually part of a bigger goal for me …

As in 26.2 long miles.

Am I Crazy….check
Am I Dedicated….check
Am I so Motivated no one can stop me….absolutely!

Yes, you can say I have marathon fever at this point, and it’s not because of the heated runs I have experienced. It’s because I am on fire for this goal. 🙂  I will post another day about that goal, and just who was it that gave me the running bug.

On Sunday my dad and I did this Surf City half together, as part of the training program we are following for the LA marathon. A half marathon is just that, 13.1 short of a full (incase you can’t do the math). It’s a long journey of a run no matter which way you look at it. But from a stand point now after having completed an 18 mile run during my training program already, I find that I am able to look at 13 miles differently than before.

It’s not as daunting as it seemed in the past. Particularly the last half marathon that I ran which was when I vowed to never set foot in a race again because of the pure agony I was in afterward. In this photo I am barely able to stand straight and pull some semblance of a smile out… It was torture for the rest of the day, and I was positive I was on my death-bed, therefore I would not go down dying for another run EVER!!!

But alas, here I am today writing about an awesome run I had this past Sunday, smiles all around! Funny how you can forget the pain over time…kind of like childbirth lol. I really had my heart set on this race in particular, ever since last year. A neighbor of mine told me about it, but it sold out that year before I could snag my spot. Ever since I laid eyes on the awesome surf board medal though, I knew that I needed to earn one for myself!

Then I just had to get Dad in on it and that didn’t take much…

A long time runner himself, my dad is usually up for a challenge by one of his daughters and I love that about him. Here we are in the crowd (20,000 runners) soaking up the energy as we were waiting to start.

Lucky numbers…

I felt more excited than ever to run this race. I couldn’t wait for the scene, excited for the salty air, for all the training I’ve done over the past months to get put to some use, for the company, for the pure enjoyment of a run which I consider the jumping point to my crazy 26.2  goal, for the ocean and its beckoning waves at the finish, and did I mention that MEDAL?!!

So here is a shot of my dad coming in at the finish!! Super exciting, he finished with a great time at 2 hours and 23 seconds!! I was so happy for him 🙂

Dad and I in the tent checking our times after the race..

and this is my “I’m so happy I could scream” face after finding out that my time was a new ‘personal best’ for me. The fact that I was feeling so great afterward made the time results that much more rewarding… training hard+consistency= pay off!!

I don’t consider myself a fast runner but I’m definitely glad about a 9:14 minute mile! I was really feeling great afterward. My dad on the other hand….not so much. He completely needed this relief under the shower before I insisted that we make a stop at first-aid to make sure he was not dehydrated. There is a fine line you don’t want to cross when it comes to rehydrating, and anyone who has endured the agony of a not so good post race experience knows to be careful! My Dad was definitely careful but has experienced nausea with longer runs recently, so it wasn’t utter bliss for him after this run unfortunately.

 My dad is strong though and I knew he would be okay! His motto for us kids growing up was this:

“When the going gets tough, the Garcia’s get going.” 

Needless to say, there were NO EXCUSES as a kid lol.

So after a short visit to first-aid we made our way down to the water to enjoy a little celebratory splash. It was freezing water, but it’s just what the doctor ordered to take care of some sore feet and legs…an instant ice bath!

So all the pieces to this equation came together after all. I had the scene and salty air from the ocean I wanted…

…the company and enjoyment…

..and finally that darn medal!!

It just goes to show… A dream can become a reality, if you really want it, and are willing to work hard enough for it!