Shmorgishborg lunch gone bad/good

Today started off pretty well, considering the rain that we were hit with last night. I usually look forward to our Wednesday’s so much because it is a more relaxed day in general. We don’t have anywhere to really be at on these days like Monday, Tuesday and Thursday so it’s usually time to regroup and catch up on schoolwork/housework, etc.

We started the week off rocky anyway, as Gavin had the stomach flu Monday night and was still in recovery mode yesterday. This morning all seemed well. The crock-pot demanded me to put him to use, as he always seems to do on a rainy/cloudy day. I was feeling in a random lunch mood today as well. I got the “ok” from the kids that they wouldn’t mind a break from our usual lunches.

So we wound up with your not so typical SHMORGISHBORG lunch!!

The shmorgishborg

It obviously doesn’t seem appetizing to everyone I’m sure, and not the healthiest ever, but it’s some of the things we like anyway…



Deviled eggs




I told you it was random right? But as long as they eat it, I don’t mind serving it!!

The good stuff!!

Pickles please!


Ok, ready for the part where it went BAD?

….well about an hour after Grant woke up from his nap, his lunch decided to come back up 😦

Apparently he picked up the same flu-bug Gav did.

Grant had no idea what was going on with himself, the poor thing. It’s the saddest thing to me when toddlers get sick because they freak out, not knowing why this stuff is coming out of them or what to do about it. But the beautiful, GOOD thing I’m finding as my kids get older is the nurturing that comes from all of them, when something like illness strikes. Especially that it was in the middle of our day, instead of the night like with Gav. I barely had Grant out of the bath after the first of many vomiting episodes this afternoon, and Ella and Gavin were already prepping the “sick area.”

It filled me up with so much love to see them running around to help out. Grabbing all the towels, Ella had a towel trail leading to the bathroom within minutes. Gavin grabbed him water and a wet wash-cloth that he wanted to use “to get extra throw up off” with lol. They were showering Grant with love and sympathy for what he was experiencing, and I was just in a motherly proud daze as my kids seemed to take over for a minute. Literally it was like these little workers running around me trying to do their job. I wasn’t prepared to witness this bit of genuine caring going on between them at this age, but at the same time it gave me so much reassurance as a parent.


We were all pretty much at Grant’s side the rest of the afternoon. The older two made sure he had everything he needed and I had him in my arms while practically in a running stance to get the bathroom at any given moment. It was quite some work to keep up with a bug that doesn’t let up for hours. After about five hours though he finally fell asleep and appears much better.

His spirit the entire time didn’t want to give into the sick, it was so like him. Around dinnertime, when I was thanking my lucky stars that I decided to put Mr. crock pot to use, Grant told me, “My good, my fine Mama…otay?” He seriously wanted to eat, but obviously that couldn’t happen…

Anyway, I’m just so glad it came to an end in a reasonable amount of time and he won’t have to battle the icky-ness anymore! I’m even more thankful that these kids have each other now. They are so full of love and I need to read this post again on the days I am doubting that. When they are at each others’ throats arguing over a toy, or playing the “he said/she said,” or whining about who gets to go first at something, I need to remind myself that those normal instances between siblings don’t ever take away from the fact that they love each other no matter what!!

It's LOVE 🙂

Now if only I’d made a Feel Better Friend for Grant already…I really need to get on that now!!!