The 30th birthday preview!

So the BIG 30 came and went for me this past weekend already. Wow, I can’t even believe it! Even Ella said to me, “Mom, I still think you’re 29!” So I told her it’s perfectly fine with me haha.

I have many thoughts on this subject, but most of all, I am SUPER excited for what is still ahead. My sister Jackie is throwing me a special party for 30. I had mentioned in a post about the sweetest thing anyone has done for me…well a party does actually top that. I haven’t had the honor of a party outside of a shower thrown for me since highschool probably… I never imagined anyone throwing a birthday party in my honor anyway and now that it is actually happening, I am ecstatic!!

It’s still a little under wraps. All I know is we are taking a limo to somewhere fun in San Diego.

 A sneak peek of the theme for the party was given to me this past weekend…

Loving the pink zebra!!

Jackie put together this SWEET basket filled with some amazing goodies, that highlight the celebration.

She even had some custom-made bottles in there…

The new 30!!!

I am a fan of whipped vodka for sure…

Aged 30 years and still fabulous!

Ah…. VINO…. can’t wait to use my special “M” glass that she gave with it!

I must say I felt a little spoiled by Jackie and the rest of my family as well, but you only turn 30 once right?! They were all too generous, and I appreciate it so much!

I am really looking forward to the official festivity that is soon approaching! So far 30 feels good! 🙂

A pirates night for me :)

Sail away…

Nothing like a night of assembling these little cupcake topper’s for Gavin’s fifth birthday party and enjoying a glass of one of my faves… Gewürztraminer!!

So I have a thing for wines and happen to enjoy putting extra effort into the little details that make birthday parties special. Being that it’s a milestone birthday, I’m trying to make it extra special for him. I’ve always been a little more laid back with my sons parties as opposed to my daughters. The girly parties are not hard to go overboard with of course! So ever since he decided on a pirate party, I’ve been inundated with different inspiration and ideas while surfing the web. I love these free printable’s I found online…makes party planning and detailed decorating go so much smoother and affordable (you can’t beat free).

I also saw this cute idea on Etsy for the table decor. I don’t know why, but mama felt like trying her hand at building a “ship.” It’s not like any other project I’ve ever taken on… interesting to try to figure out going off of a picture, but its been fun. Gavin absolutely LOVED it when he saw it. Best thing is, it was easy and cheap to make. With the help of my trusty ol’ coupons from Joanne’s of course and using supplies I’d already had, it was around $10. Not too shabby I think…

Here is a peak!


Casted and ready to soon set sail








Hopefully it all comes together on the day of the party. Until then my hands are tied in preparation…thankfully not for walking the plank Haha.